Purple Death by Brian L. Porter

A series of murders leads Detective Inspector Sean Connor and his team into a labyrinthine investigation. The victims are dispatched using a poison previously associated with the notorious Borgia family.

As the murders multiply at an alarming rate, Connor finds clues hard to come by, and every lead takes him down yet another blind alley. The killer seems to be one step ahead of him at every turn.

Together with Sergeant Lucy Clay, they must piece together the shreds of evidence and find the mastermind behind the murders that become known as Purple Death.

My Review

I didn’t know what to make of this whodunnit. I was drawn by the cover which is really very good and I thought I might have been in for a real treat of a feast but I was a bit disappointed by the author’s habit of over-explaining everything that goes on. I realise Purple Death falls into the category of mass fiction and the standard of writing in the mystery genre can be pretty average but this one needs a good editor to do it justice. Make no mistake there is a good story here and I found the death by chocolate storyline very entertaining. I was impressed by the way the cold case of thirty years ago was introduced and slowly took up stage centre or at least a part of it. I just wish for tighter writing.

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