Blackthorn Book Tours review Central City by Indy Perro

Book Blurb

Kane Kulpa learned which laws could be bent and which broken after a short stint in prison courtesy of Detective Vincent Bayonne. Bound by time, integrity, and the reality of life in Central City, Bayonne and Kane made peace with the past. Now, gang tension spirals from corrupt to deadly, and a series of murders stresses Kane and Bayonne’s uneasy alliance. Kane balances on a razor’s edge to protect his bar, power, life, and family, and Bayonne hustles to keep another lonely man from being strangled.

Central City is a city struggling for identity. The cops protect the rackets, and the criminals shelter the injured. Innocence is only an appearance, and rage finds a voice.

I like crime novels and this is a good one.  There’s a serial killer leaving bodies in brothels all posed in the same odd position and a detective who’s trying to identify the killer before anyone else gets killed.  As is traditional in such novels some of the suspects turn into victims and others are red herrings and the real killer is the last person you’d expect. 

I found the setting interesting but the era was a bit of a mistake I think.  It’s is a detective novel in the Chandler tradition, but while Chandler’s novels are proper period pieces this one is neither old-time enough to be exotic nor present-time enough for the date not to matter. It’s set in the early 90s – no-ones got a cellphone and people use “pagers” and are always looking for telephones and I found this a bit irritating and didn’t add anything.  The story could have been set in the present because everything that happens could still happen now.  You don’t have to write about the last century to have corruption and drugs and prostitution and gangs competing over bits of cities.  I got the impression that the author wanted readers to mind about the corruption and abuse and exploitation but I think readers would mind more if they felt that it was about the present day. 

It’s a good plot and it’s got some good twists. The author is interested in psychology and this shows in the characters who really are what makes the plot happen so you really believe in them and most of them you can identify with.  You certainly get carried along as you read it and it’s not a book that you’re going to start and not read to the end.  Personally I started in the morning and read all the way till bedtime and it felt like a day well spent.  The reveal at the end is terrific.  I hadn’t guessed it – the killer actually WAS the last person I expected.  Good book. Worth the read.

5 Stars

Here’s Indy Perro

Indy Perro is a novelist, an independent thinker, and a recovering academic. Indy has a degree in history, graduate degrees in religious studies, comparative literature, and education, and has spent more than a decade teaching philosophy, religious studies, writing, and literature. While continuing numerous side projects and building a career as an author, Indy launched his website,, to reach a larger audience, an audience interested in the practice of writing. “We’re all in this together. Let’s connect, have a conversation, and engage each other to generate meaning.”

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