Book Review – Scarred by Damien Linnane

I was excited to step into Blackthorn Book Tours latest tour!

Scarred – The Blurb

There were five now. The mugger, the sex offender, the wife-beater, the drug-dealer. And of course, Peter. Jason hadn’t needed a gun to kill Peter.

Jason Ennis doesn’t understand why the world is such a confusing place. Why it’s so difficult to read between the lines, so hard to understand what people want, such a struggle to fit in. Not that he isn’t trying as he works a dead-end job and chips away at a degree that’s going nowhere.

But good things come to those who wait. Sometimes, when he least expects it, he gets a chance to make a real difference. To make the world a better place. By removing someone else from it. Someone who doesn’t fit in with his standards of behaviour, someone who reminds him of how they scarred him as a child.

My Review

Serial killers always bother me a bit in novels. I prefer a novel where one person gets killed and you’ve got to figure out who did it. Or you know who the murderer is going to be and the question is whether the police can stop him before he does it. But with serial killer books you just go on and on one after the other and it gets a bit wearing till you’re banging your head on the wall telling the cops to hurry up and get a move on because really you’ve had enough of blood and gore and you’re looking at the page numbers wishing it was a novella not 460 pages… That is how I felt for the first 50 pages anyway but after that this novel got under my skin and I started to see things through the eyes of the characters and then I was rivetted and couldn’t stop reading. It’s gritty it’s noir it’s urban it’s got tremendous pace but also makes you think. There are a lot of changes of POV so it keeps you on your toes. And it really gets tight and edge of your seat because you can see that all the characters are driven by their own history which can’t be changed so none of them change the way they are so it all has a bit of inevitability. One of the serial killers is quite sympathetic if you ignore the brutal way he kills people! You care about him more than you care about the victims which is a bit of a problem I suppose but it’s all cleverly done the way the author pulls you inside this character’s head. By the final scenes I was rocking on my seat glued to the kindle wondering which of the characters were going to end up dead. Clearly they weren’t all going to make it out alive and it began to dawn on me that maybe none of them would. No spoilers. It’s a great read.

**** 4 Stars

About David Linnane

David Linnane is a former Australian soldier and also a former prisoner. In November 2015 he was sentenced to 10 months in prison for a series of crimes that the sentencing magistrate described as “vigilante action”.  He decided to make the most of the time inside, viewing it as a once in a lifetime opportunity rather than a punishment. He spent the first five months writing the first draft of his debut psychological thriller novel Scarred.

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