Book Review – The Portable Nine by Pete Mesling

I’m once again excited to post a review for Blackthorn Book Tours!

This is a book about paid assassins seven men and a woman who have formed an organization to do assassinations for corporations and governments but they only assassinate bad people like terrorists and rapists. The boss assassin Davenport calls them together telling them that this time they are working for themselves to steal $22million from a businessman and then they can retire but actually his plan is to capture and assassinate a criminal mastermind the Black Phantom who has murdered one of Davenports relatives. Davenport does not know it but two of his team are secretly working for the Black Phantom as well.

The characters are all different and interesting but the ways that they kill people are unnecessarily unpleasant so although they could all just shoot people in a normal way like Davenport does others in the team do it in other ways like sticking enormous pins in them or cutting them up with a hatchet which makes me think that actually they are just serial killers and psychopaths who have decided to work as assassins because they like being paid for that. Also one of them has had his brain altered with surgery to cut out his ability to feel fear and make him a better assassin and one of them is blind but has visions which tell him where he is. It is an exciting book which does make you want to read on and even though some of the ideas in it are a bit disturbing underneath all the bad things they do they have their own morality which they mostly stick to. It was a good book.

The Blurb

Meet Davenport, also known as the Mad Marksman of Malta. He is a hunter. Not of game or fowl, but of men. What he hunts he finds, and what he finds he exterminates—until his trusty revolver fails him at a crucial moment in Italy, that is, leaving a job unfinished and his resolve shaken. Mistakenly thinking the blow has been struck, a criminal mastermind known as the Black Phantom performs a cruel act of retaliation. The once and would-be assassin has no choice but to reunite with a storied band of skilled mercenaries in an effort to exact revenge.

Davenport. Abel Hazard. Miranda Gissing. Dr. Joseph Intaglio. Mr. Bonnet. Twitch Markham. The Butcher. Lovinia Dulcet. Robin Varnesse. These are the Portable Nine. They operate outside the law, but they are not without a code of ethics. Outcasts all, they are heroes to the underdog and enemies of the ruthless. Intelligent and fearless, they will stop at nothing to see that their brand of justice is meted out.

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