Hag of the Hills (The Bronze Sword Cycles 1)

My Review

This novel is set in the celtic time and so I was expecting it to be a bit like the Juliet Marillier books which I really like but it wasn’t at all like that. For a start it is all about men and almost no women and the plot is all about one man who wants to be a famous warrior and does a deal with a magical “hag” who says she will make this happen but afterwards everything goes wrong for him and his tribe get massacred and he is sold into slavery. He is also supposed to be looking after a woman he inherits a bit the way you might inherit someone’s dog but he doesn’t do very well at that either because she’s also sold into slavery. I thought when she came into the story that this was going to be a romance but really it isn’t even though late in the book it does seem like they will get married but marriage doesn’t mean much in those days and there’s nothing very romantic there. Brennus the main character does become a famous warrior in the end but only after a huge amount of very graphic fighting. This is a book that will appeal more to men than women I think and to people who like ancient history more than to people who like fantasy. I’m giving this one Three Stars.

The Blurb

Brennus is destined from birth to become a warrior, despite his farmer’s life. But when the Hillmen kill his family and annihilate his clan, he now has the opportunity to avenge those who he loved.

Brennus must survive endless hordes of invading Hillmen and magic-wielding sidhe, aided by only a band of shifty mercenaries, and an ancient bronze sword.

Failure means his family and clan go unavenged. Victory will bring glory to Brennus and his ancestors.

Hag of the Hills is a historical fantasy novel set in 200 B.C. on the Isle of Skye, steeped in Celtic mythology and culture.


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