Book Review – The Beached Ones by Colleen M. Story

This book is a bit dark and has things in it which are really very sad including quite a bit about suicide which ought to have a trigger warning especially the book might appeal to teenage readers with its romantic theme and young main characters.

It is a ghost story about Daniel a young man who doesn’t know that he has died in a horrible motorcycle crash but has come back as a ghost and is trying to contact his family especially his little brother. Most people can’t see him but he meets an old girlfriend who can because she is a bit psychic and her new boyfriend who also can for reasons that I won’t give away. A few other people can see him but they are mostly people who are on the verge of suicide and other people who are also dead but don’t know it. The relationship between the main character and his little brother is very beautifully done as they are from an abusive home and have gone through a lot but Daniel always tried to protect him even when he had to leave home to become a motorcycle stunt rider which is a dangerous job but one he loved and the only way he could escape. The story is complicated and when you get to the end you can see that it’s also very clever. It begins and ends with whales which is what the title refers to and it is a beautiful book with a beautiful ending which made me cry but in a good way.

The Blurb

He came back, determined to keep his promise.

Daniel and his younger brother grew up in an abusive home. Daniel escaped. Now an established stunt rider, he intends to go back to rescue his brother. But then one jump goes horribly wrong . . .

He recovers to find himself in Iowa, unscathed, yet his life has drastically changed. His best friend won’t answer his calls. Even his girlfriend is hiding something. Increasingly terrified, he clings to the one thing he knows: He must pick up his brother in San Francisco. In five days.

From the isolating fields of Iowa to the crowded streets of San Francisco, Daniel must fight his way through a fog of disjointed memories and supernatural encounters to face the truth and pay a debt he didn’t know he owed.


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